Incredibly Human Angel

Still The Angel of Thursday

Important information, please read.

Setting the scene.

Hello, my name is Castiel, and I am an angel of the Lord, though I am currently a poor example of one. Due to recent events, I have found myself to be more human than angel. You could say my 'batteries' are drained. However, I am still working with the Winchesters, Dean and Sam, to stop the apocalypse and save the world.

((This is an independent role play blog for Castiel during season 5 when he found himself to be more human than angel. All plot-lines of that season are still in tact, and references to anything afterwards will not be understood by him. I tag as incredibly-human. All gifs or images are not my own unless tagged otherwise. My main blog can be found here. ))

M!A: None; accepting.



**Open RP!**

"Please. Teach me how to be a hunter. I am useless as a human until you teach me what to do."